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Opal Vibes

Blue Australian Opal Owl Necklace

Blue Australian Opal Owl Necklace

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The Opal Stone Owl Necklace is made of 925 sterling silver and features a high-quality blue opal stone, accompanied by sparkling zircon stones. Designed for everyday wear, this extraordinary piece is both eye-catching and durable. The necklace has a chain length of 16 inches and is available in rose gold, gold, and silver options. You can choose the product color from the available choices.

If you would like to add a note to your Opal Stone Necklace, you can write it on the purchase page. To ensure long-lasting and healthy use of the necklace, store it in the box provided when not in use. Protect it from chemical products such as disinfectants, wet wipes, and deodorants. Please avoid cleaning the necklace with toothpaste, ashes, or other misinformation as it may damage the piece.

If you have any additional notes or instructions, you can write them in the order instructions section on the cart page after adding the product to your cart.

Blue Opal Stone Owl Necklace Specifications:

  • Necklace Color: Rose Gold, Gold and Silver
  • Chain Length: 16 Inches
  • Chain style: Cable
  • A-grade Australian Opal Stone 925 Sterling Silver
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